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"Wich mouthpiece let me play at my best?"

Bert en Rene DS.jpg


The Conn-Selmer Academy Europe is an organisation wich supports artists and sales- & marketingmanagers linked to the Conn-Selmer company to give workshops, clinics and or masterclasses, etc.


Education is very imported for music to spread all over the world.

With the brands of Conn-Selmer inc. (Vincent Bach, C.G. Conn, King, Holton and Leblanc) we believe that those instruments give the beste quality to students and musicpractisioners to start or evolve the best in their musical carreers.

Wether this is professional or just for fun. On this site you will find available educators and/or workshops which can be planned within your organisation. Very suitable for orchestra's, musicschools or like minded groups of musicians.

Please inform for all the possibilities.


From left to right: Rene Henket, Bert Damsma

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