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Rene Henket & Bert Damsma

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Bert Damsma



In this session Conn-Selmer salesmanager Bert Damsma (a.o.Vincent Bach) and trumpet player Rene Henket (a.o.Andre Rieu Orchestra) explain how mouthpieces are produced and which criteria you must adopt to arrive at the correct mouthpiece choice.

With the knowledge of both you will get a good idea of ​​the history of mouthpieces and what the mouthpiece does and how you can influence your sound.

Bert shows from the factory point of view and history how the mouthpieces are produced and with which philosophy Vincent Bach (the world's largest mouthpiece manufacturer) produces his mouthpieces and Rene shows (with the help of pressure measurement, spiro measurement and mouthpiece camera) how to play on a brass instrument.

Does the ideal mouthpiece  (Holy Grail) exist?
And if so, which one?

This 2-3 hour session is ideal for brass players
(trumpet / cornet / flugelhorn / (bass) trombone / euphonium / baritone / etc) who are always interested in improving their playing, but also brass players who have problems with their embouchure and are seeking.


Bringing an instrument with you is highly recommended and almost necessary.
(It is not a playing session, but with an instrument and mouthpiece you will get a better picture)

Made possible by
Conn-Selmer Europe
Vincent Bach
Rene Henket Musicproductions


Embouchure Analysis

Rene Henket

Many brass players have to deal with minor playing problems over the years. These problems often creep in over the years without you even realizing it. By means of an embouchure analysis it is possible to detect and remedy these problems.
The Embouchure analysis consists of:

- respiration measurement (spiro measurement)
- mouthpiece pressure measurement (Liptilt®)
- mouthpiece camera recording (Lipcam®)

The results are processed in an extensive written analysis.
An embouchure and study advice is linked to this analysis.
You will receive the analysis with advice including the recordings.

Made possible by
Rene Henket Musicproductions

Production explained, Mysteries solved?


Bert Damsma (Sales and Marketing Manager for Conn-Selmer in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg)  will give an appealing presentation about the famous production process of Vincent Bach instruments.
Vincent Bach is a part of Conn-Selmer. the largest American instruments manufacturer (again part of Steinway Musical Instruments) and consist of, among others, the brands KING, HOLTON, CONN, LEBLANC and VINCENT BACH.

Vincent Bach in particular has a long tradition in the field of trumpets and trombones and mouthpieces.


Did you know Glenn miller played and endorsed Bach trombones?

By means of simple examples, you will gain insight into the working method and vision of Vincent Bach and how his instruments are produced today and how it is that the sound of these instruments is so appealing to many players.
Have you been wondering for years why Bach sounds  like Bach ?
What is the mystery of Mount Vernon?
What is the story behind the mouthpieces of Vincent Bach?


In short, a lot of questions will be answered! Or not ... In any case, you have the chance to ask them this moment!

Made possible by
Conn-Selmer Europe
Vincent Bach


Holy Horns Hornsection

Hornsection playing

Hornsection Holy Horns explain how it is to play in a hornsection.
How to phrase and adjust your style of playing. bringing your instruments is a pre for this workshop. 
With written arrangements and a backingtrack they show you how to play and what to search for in blending and sounding the section as one.
Very suitable for already existing hornsections but individual participation is also possible. typical instrumentation for a hornsection consist of trumpets, trombone and saxophones. but if you play another instrument and like to play in a section you are welcome too. 

Made possible by
Conn-Selmer Europe
Vincent Bach



One on One Lesson 

Almost all artists will give one on one lessons.

If you are interested in these lessons. Please contact us and we will put you in contact with the artist. 

Made possible by

Conn-Selmer Europe

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