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Erik van der Heijden


Even though none of his family members were musicians, Erik van der Heijden (1992) started playing the trumpet at age eight. Soon afterwards he started playing with the local marchingband in Mijdrecht (The Netherlands). After a few years he started studying with Jazz trumpeter Diederik Ruisch, who advised Erik to have lessons from Angelo Verploegen at the Utrecht Conservatory. After five years of studying, Erik graduated in June 2015.

As a trumpeter Erik performs in a lot of different groups, including The Night Flight, Horns on Fire, Collectief Explosief, Groove Department and The Metropole Academy. In The past Erik was part of Knarsetand, The Amsterdam Big Band, Re:Freshed Orchestra, Gallowstreet Brass Band, Def P and the Beatbusters and many more. In 2012 Erik founded horn section Horns on Fire, a horn section for both live performances as well as studio playing.

Apart from his stage work, Erik is also a regular guest musician, arranger and producer in various sessions and studios. Furthermore he teaches and is a Big Band conductor.

Erik plays a Bach Stradivarius 190s43 with customized gold trim.

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